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Piano Tuning Services 

Serving Northern Delaware and the surrounding area

Standard Tuning

  • Fine Tuning of the piano, using both aural and electronic tuners to ensure accuracy. 


  • Cleaning and polishing the outside of the piano


  • Free minor adjustments to the pedal and action regulation.

  • Free minor repairs.



Pitch Adjustment 

  • Pitch Adjustment is the process of bringing the piano back up to Concert Pitch (A=440) so that it can be fine-tuned. 


  • If your piano has not been tuned in several years, then it will likely need pitch raising. 


  • The Pitch Adjustment is done in combination with the final tuning appointment. 

Standard Service Package

  •  Pitch Adjustment if necessary to bring the piano up to Concert Pitch.


  • Fine Tuning after the piano is at Concert Pitch.


  • Cleaning and polishing the outside of the piano and cleaning the keys with KeyBrite


  • Cleaning the piano's soundboard and action, including disassembly of major components. 


  • Up to 60 minutes of repairs and pedal regulations. 


  • Up to 60 minutes of action regulation and voicing. 


  • Pitch Adjustment Fee waived. 

Piano Tuning in Northern Delaware

Certified piano technician in northern Delaware

I am a certified piano technician through the Piano Technicians Academy, a member of Master Piano Technicians of America, Apex Piano Technicians, and Piano Technicians International, and also a professional musician. You can rest assured that I am the expert to get your piano in it's best shape! 

My piano tuning process

My tuning process is much more extensive than most other piano tuners in northern Delaware. The piano tuning appointments start with an evaluation of your piano's condition. I'll be checking for sticking keys, how smooth the action is, and how out of tune the piano is, as well as dusting the action and case. 


If required, I then raise the piano up to concert pitch with a pitch adjustment. That allows the piano to then be fine-tuned. I do the fine-tuning by ear, with an electronic tuner to check my work. As I'm tuning, I'll also make minor regulation adjustments as I come across issues.  


After the tuning, I go ahead and clean up the keys and the rest of the piano. After that, you'll have a clean, beautiful piano! 

Basic Service Package
Standard Service Package
Elite Service Package

Other services to consider

If it has been more than two years since your piano was last tuned, it will likely need a pitch adjustment along with the tuning. 

If your piano has sticking keys, an uneven action, or a harsh tone you might also want to consider a service package. These packages also include additional time for repairs, action regulation, and hammer shaping and voicing. 

Standard Tuning Appointment
Standard Tuning with Pitch Adjustment

How to schedule your appointment

To schedule your piano tuning and servicing, you can use the online scheduler, the links to the right of this page, or you can contact me and I'll get in touch right away!

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