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As a Certified Piano Technician, I have the experience and skill to bring your piano back to life. Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and parts of Jersey.

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As a Certified Piano Technician, I'm trained in all aspects of servicing your piano. I often fix sticking keys, reglue or replace worn or broken parts, fix broken pedals, and make adjustments to your piano's action regulation, as well as voicing adjustments to the piano hammers.


I also provide more extensive services such as complete action regulation, action rebuilding, hammer replacement, and complete restraining, and other restorative work.

Your piano is a complicated machine. There are several thousand parts inside your instrument, and they all have to be adjusted with skill and precision. As a Master Piano Technician, I have the skill and the experience to make your piano sing again!

What Clients Say

"Excellent piano tuner! I had him over to take care of my recently purchased grand piano, and he made it sound amazing! It was all tuned up, plus he also went ahead and regulated the action so it would play more smoothly, and also voiced it as well. The piano sounds amazing now! Very satisfied :)"

-Paul M.

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