Piano Tuning Pricing

Wondering how much it costs to have your piano tuned in NYC? Upfront pricing so there's no surprises!

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If your piano has been tuned less than 12 months ago, the Standard Tuning is a flat rate of $145 (plus tolls and parking if applicable). If it has been longer than a year, or if your piano has gone significantly sharp or flat (usually from having your piano moved, garaged, or from large temperature and humidity fluctuations in your home) your piano will require a Double Tuning which is a flat rate of $195 (plus tolls and parking if applicable).


The tuning appointments also include minor repairs and adjustments such as fixing a sticking key or adjusting the pedals, as well as complimentary cleaning and dusting off the piano.


Of course, If I come across additional issues that will take longer than 20 minutes, I will consult with you before proceeding.


If your piano has more issues, one of my Complete Service Packages might be a more cost-effective option for you. There are two different packages. The Essentials is a flat rate of $250, and the Standard Package is a flat-rate of $350.

What Clients Say

"Excellent piano tuner! I had him over to take care of my recently purchased grand piano, and he made it sound amazing! It was all tuned up, plus he also went ahead and regulated the action so it would play more smoothly, and also voiced it as well. The piano sounds amazing now! Very satisfied :)"

-Paul M.