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Haven't had your piano tuned in a long time? A double tuning, also known as a pitch raise, will bring your piano back to life!

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Double Tuning, also known as Pitch Raising, is a special tuning process used on very out-of-tune pianos. Because they’re so far out of tune, they require a little more work than usual in order to make them sound their best.

Pianos typically go flat over time, and a major adjustment to the piano's pitch could be adding several hundred (or even thousands) of pounds of tension and makes for an unstable tuning.

The solution to this problem is to first start by bringing all the strings on the piano up to (and a little above) their target pitch. (The pitch-adjustment passes are basically just ballpark tunings) Once this is process is finished, the strings are much closer to their target pitch, and then I can start working on the fine-tuning.

My tuning appointments include:

- Pitch Raising (Double Tuning)

- Fine-tuning

- Cleaning and polishing of the piano

- Free minor repairs and adjustments (up to 20 minutes)

- Condition assessment

- Complimentary performance optimization (Minor voicing and regulation adjustments)


As a Certified Piano Technician, I am more qualified than an average piano tuner and am an expert in bringing pianos back to life throughout New York City, as well as parts of Jersey. I have a 5-Star rating with over 100 reviews and am rated a Thumbtack Top Pro.

If your piano hasn’t been tuned in a while and also has some other issues such as sticking keys, dead keys, squeaky pedals, consider one of my Complete Service Packages that include piano tuning, along with additional repair, regulation, cleaning, and voicing services.

What Clients Say

"Excellent piano tuner! I had him over to take care of my recently purchased grand piano, and he made it sound amazing! It was all tuned up, plus he also went ahead and regulated the action so it would play more smoothly, and also voiced it as well. The piano sounds amazing now! Very satisfied :)"

-Paul M.

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