Piano Tuning and Repairs

I am a Top Pro and will help your piano rediscover its voice

Piano Tuning

All of my tuning appointments include fine-tuning, cleaning and polishing of the piano, free minor repairs and adjustments, a condition assessment, as well as complimentary performance optimization. My expert work will breathe life back into your piano! 

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Standard Tuning -  $150

Tuning & Seasonal service -   $200

Tuning FAQs


Complete Service Packages

Complete Service Packages include some of everything and are a cost-effective option for pianos that require more extensive work regulating, repairing, and voicing.  

Essentials Package - $̶2̶7̶0̶  $250

Standard package- $̶3̶7̶0̶ $350

Repair Services

I am a Certified Piano Technician and  I'm trained in all aspects of servicing your piano. I often fix sticking keys, reglue or replace worn or broken parts, fix broken pedals, and make adjustments to your piano's action regulation, as well as voicing adjustments to the piano hammers.


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