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Action Regulation and Voicing | Repairs and Reconditioning

Action Regulation

-- Does your piano feel difficult to control? --

A piano is made up of over 9,000 parts which need to be serviced and adjusted from time to time. If your piano has an uneven touch, a limited dynamic range, or sticking keys it is time to have your piano regulated. No amount of practicing can compensate for a poorly maintained action.




  • An excellent choice for pianos that have been maintained, but have lost some performance.


  • Adjusts the most important points throughout the piano's action - from the base of the key to the strings. 


  • Allows for up to 2 hours of work. 

Full Action Regulation


  • Designed for pianos with moderate wear and for pianists with average performance requirements. 


  • Adjusts all points of regulation throughout the action. 


  • Allows for up to 6 hours of work. 




  • Most appropriate for a piano with moderate to heavy wear and for pianists with above average performance requirements.


  • The action is completely disassembled and cleaned, worn parts are reconditioned, and damaged parts are replaced. ​


  • Worn hammers are reconditioned and voiced, or can be replaced. ​​


  • *Costs vary according to action type, condition, and work required. 


Ryan was great! Very professional, very knowledgeable, overall fantastic job!

-Kian F.


-- Adjusting your piano's tone --

Every piano has its own unique tone. Some pianos sound warm and mellow, while others sound bright and robust. By voicing the hammers on your piano, we can eliminate groves that have worn into the hammer, soften or harden the felt, and change the tone quality. 

Older and well-used pianos often develop deep grooves in their hammers, which create a brighter and harsher tone. Other pianos hammers can decay and become soft, creating a hollow and mellow tone.


Piano Repairs

Does your piano need some repairs? I service everything from sticky keys and broken strings, to replacing keytops and action parts. Contact me today to schedule an appointment, and we'll get your piano up and running as quickly and stress-free as possible.



Piano Reconditioning

-- Bringing your piano back to Life--

Over the years, your piano's strings will decay and wear, the action will become stiff, and the hammers will wear down. All of this compromises the tone of your piano. Reconditioning is the process of putting a piano back in good condition by cleaning, repairing, making adjustments, and replacing parts where necessary.


Most of the reconditioning work I do is Action Reconditioning, Complete Restringing, and Hammer Replacements. It is designed to improve a piano's performance, keeping in mind both costs and benefits.


Contact me to see if Reconditioning is the right choice for your piano. 



Bass String Replacement (Full Set)

Do your piano's bass strings sound dull? If so, it is time to have them replaced. Contact us today and we can replace those old, dull strings and bring a strong, bold, resonant sound back to your piano.

This service includes:​

  • Full set of new copper-wound bass strings 

  • New tuning pins

  • String installation

  • Up to 3 tuning sessions to break in the new bass strings.




Complete String Replacement

​Do your piano's bass strings sound wimpy and dull? Do the treble strings sound thin and worn? If you answered yes, then the piano is due for a restringing. LeGrand Piano can completely restring your piano with a new set of strings along with a new set of tuning pins to give your piano a robust, like-new sound for many years to come. This service includes:

  • Full set of new copper-wound bass strings 

  • Complete set of treble strings

  • New tuning pins

  • Soundboard cleaning and minor repairs

  • New felt strips

  • String installation

  • Up to 3 tuning sessions to break in the new strings.



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