Other piano services

Does your piano need repair? As a Certified Piano Technician, I have the know-how and experience to bring your piano back to life. The majority of issues are a quick fix and can be taken care of during our Tuning & Seasonal Service appointments. For more extensive issues an estimate and plan can be prepared.

Your piano is made up of over 9,000 parts that need to be serviced and adjusted from time to time. If your piano has an uneven touch, a limited dynamic range, or sticking keys it is time to have your piano regulated.

Every piano has its own unique tone. Some pianos sound warm and mellow, while others sound bright and robust. By voicing the hammers on your piano, we can eliminate groves that have worn into the hammer, soften or harden the felt, and change the tone quality.

Whether your piano needs to be restrung, the action restored, or anything else, as an experienced Master Piano Technician you can trust LeGrand Piano Services to restore your piano back to life.  Contact me for a consultation and we can find the best options for you.