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I'm not just a Master Piano Technician - I'm also a lifelong musician. I currently sing with ChoralArts Philadelphia, and I provide excellent piano tuning and servicing throughout all of the Philadelphia Metro Area including Center City, South, West, and SW Philly, Upper and Lower North Philadelphia, plus out to Roxborough, Manayunk, Germantown, Chestnut Hill, Olney, Oak Lane, and the Upper and Lower Northeast into Bucks County (where I live)

I am committed to providing excellent service, and that's why I'm a Thumbtack Top Pro and have a 4.9 rating from 85+ reviews. My past clients have been highly satisfied with my work, and I'm rated highly for value, punctuality, and professionalism.

Standard Tuning

  • Fine Tuning of the piano, using both aural and electronic tuners to ensure accuracy. 


  • Cleaning and polishing the outside of the piano


  • Free minor adjustments to the pedal and action regulation.

  • Free minor repairs.



Pitch Adjustment 

  • Pitch Adjustment is the process of bringing the piano back up to Concert Pitch (A=440) so that it can be fine-tuned. 


  • If your piano has not been tuned in several years, then it will likely need pitch raising. 


  • The Pitch Adjustment is done in combination with the final tuning appointment. 

Standard Service Package

  •  Pitch Adjustment if necessary to bring the piano up to Concert Pitch.


  • Fine Tuning after the piano is at Concert Pitch.


  • Cleaning and polishing the outside of the piano and cleaning the keys with KeyBrite


  • Cleaning the piano's soundboard and action, including disassembly of major components. 


  • Up to 60 minutes of repairs and pedal regulations. 


  • Up to 60 minutes of action regulation and voicing. 


  • Pitch Adjustment Fee waived. 

Why Choose LeGrand Piano Services?

My Professionalisim, Friendliness, and Excellence

Choosing the right piano technician for you is important decision. Not only are you trusting someone to service your expensive instrument, but you also want to find the best person who can make your piano sound and play its best. If you want to enjoy hearing the piano it needs to be in tune, and if you want to practice efficiently the piano has to play smoothly, evenly, and reliably. 

When I commit to service a piano,  I do more than just tune your piano. I want your piano to make beautiful music, so here are some of the other things I'm checking as I service your piano: 

  • How smoothly does the piano action play?

  • Is the touch even from note to note?

  • Can I easily control the shape and sound as I play?

  • How wide is the piano's dynamic range? 

  • Can I improve the piano's tone?

  • What can I do to help this piano fit your needs?

I care about my clients, and that's why I'm top rated for my professionalism, friendliness, and excellence

Top-rated, Certified Master Piano Tuner and Technician

I am a certified piano technician through the Piano Technicians Academy, a member of Master Piano Technicians of America, Apex Piano Technicians, and Piano Technicians International, and also a professional musician. I studied Vocal Performance and Music Composition at Willamette University, as well as music at CalArts, and was recognized as a Young Arts Scholar. You can rest assured that I am the expert to get your piano in it's best shape! 

My Complete Service Packages


These Packages are my signature appointment type. Most tuning appointments take around an hour, but the Complete Services Packages are scheduled for 2.5-6 hours depending on which package you decide is best for your piano.


These all-around appointments allow me to fully service your piano so it can play and sound its best. They include:

  • Pitch raising your piano up to concert pitch of A=440 Hz.

  • Concert-grade fine-tuning of your piano. 

  • Voicing of the hammers to optimize your piano's tone.

  • Repairs so that your piano functions properly.

  • Regulation of the piano's action so it is consistent, controllable, and even from one note to the next. 

  • Leveling and spacing the piano keys.

  • Adjusting the aftertouch so every note is easy to control. 

  • Regulating the pedals of your piano. 

  • Cleaning the piano's soundboard, case parts, action, and keys. 

Standard Service Package
Basic Service Package

Piano Tuning Appointments


If your piano has been maintained and a Complete Service Package is more than you need, I also provide traditional Standard Tuning appointments. 

These appointments usually last about 1.5 - 2 hours, but are still more inclusive than most other tuners in the area and include:

  • Concert-grade fine-tuning of the piano

  • Minor action adjustments

  • Small repairs

  • Cleaning of the piano

  • Additional tuning passes to bring your piano to concert pitch if your piano is significantly out of tune (additional pitch-adjustment fee may apply)


Standard Tuning Appointment
Standard Tuning with Pitch Adjustment

How to schedule your appointment

To schedule your piano tuning and servicing, you can use the online scheduler, the links to the right of this page, or you can contact me and I'll get in touch right away!

Where I serve

I serve throughout all of the Philadelphia Metro Area including Center City, South, West, and SW Philly, Upper and Lower North Philadelphia, plus out to Roxborough, Manayunk, Germantown, Chestnut Hill, Olney, Oak Lane, and the Upper and Lower Northeast into Bucks County (where I live)

I also serve the New Jersey side of the river into Camden, Cherry Hill, and Burlington. 

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