Rebuilding & Restoration

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A portion of all proceeds goes to charity 


Many piano owners have never experienced their piano at its best. My expert service helps you get the most out of your piano, so you can enjoy making music

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Find the service that's right for you

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I'll make sure you get the service that's best for you. For Rebuilding & Restoration services we will first start with a consultation to asses your pianos needs and provide you with options


Prepare a Plan for Restoring your Piano

Once your piano has been assessed, we will prepare options for working on your piano. Choose the one that fits best for you and then let the magic begin! 


Enjoy your piano as never before!

Enjoy your piano restored to life!

Keytops replaced and keys refurbished

Restrung with the highest quality steel wire

Custom-made Bass strings

New factory hammers

New tuning pins

Rebuilt Action

Re-felted dampers

Example Restoration