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Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I'll make sure you get the service that's best for you


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Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I'll make sure you get the service that's best for you

Let's find the service that best fits your needs

When was your piano last serviced?


"Ryan was very diligent in following up and worked with our schedule. He was on time, very professional, and the end product sounds great!"

Meghan H.


Basic Tuning Service


If your piano has been regularly maintained and serviced within the last 6 months, then the Basic Tuning Service might be the best choice for you. If it has been more than six months since the last service, or if your piano is in disrepair, I recommend scheduling one of the Tuning & Seasonal Service appointments that are tailored to different levels of use. 


  • Fine Tuning 

  • Light Cleaning

  • Minor Adjustments to optimize performance


"Service was excellent. He was right on time. Very professional. Got back to me right away to set up an appointment. His price was very reasonable."

Karen L.

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Tuning & Seasonal Service



The Tuning & Seasonal Service is my signature service designed to take care of lightly used pianos, that also might not have seen regular care from a piano technician. This 2-hour appointment includes tuning, as well as work to the action and hammers to make your piano enjoyable to play. 


  • Bringing the piano up to Concert Pitch

  • Fine Tuning

  • Light Cleaning

  • Fix Sticking Keys and Reduce Friction in the Action

  • Touch-up Voicing (to improve the piano's tone)

  • Touch-up Regulation (to make the piano easier to play)

"I'm a professional pianist and I have perfect pitch, so I'm a tough customer! Ryan was prompt - in fact he arrived early. He called ahead to confirm his arrival. He did an amazing job. I just moved across the country and this was my first tuning since the move, so the piano was in worse shape than usual. Ryan made my piano sound great again. I will definitely use him for my regular tunings. Highly recommended!"

Ellie B.

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Piano Overhaul Service



If your piano hasn't been serviced in a decade or more, it will need a bit more than just a tuning to get it back in shape. After many, many years without servicing not only will the piano be very out of tune, but it will also develop many other issues within the piano that needs to be addressed, such as very worn out hammers, the action shifting out of alignment, and lots of gunk and debris build-up inside the piano.


Oftentimes, Facebook or Craigslist "Free" pianos fall into this category and require several tuning passes, along with a deep cleaning, regulation, and voicing of the piano. 


  • Multiple tuning passes to bring the piano up to pitch

  • Fine-tuning

  • Deep cleaning of the piano including vacuuming and polishing the strings

  • Fixing sticking and broken keys

  • Sanding down the piano hammers to eliminate grooving and remove rotted felt 

  • Regulating the piano action to make it play smoothly and controllably


I pride myself on going above and beyond. In addition to my experience as a Master Piano Technician, I am also a professional musician so I have the experience to bring your piano back to life. Choosing the right piano technician for you is an important decision. Not only are you trusting someone to service your expensive instrument, but you also want to find the best person who can make your piano sound and play its best. If you want to enjoy hearing the piano it needs to be in tune, and if you want to practice efficiently the piano has to play smoothly, evenly, and reliably.