Regulation and Voicing


Your piano is made up of over 9,000 parts which need to be serviced and adjusted from time to time. If your piano has an uneven touch, a limited dynamic range, or sticking keys it is time to have your piano regulated.


"Hearing the technician play several pieces after the tuning was the cherry on top. Thank you, I couldn't hold back the tears."

-Julia G.

Voicing, also known as tone regulation, is the process of adjusting your piano's hammers to optimize their tone. The process involves shaping the hammers, aligning them with the strings, and hardening or softening the felt. The end result is a piano that has rediscovered its voice!


Reconditioning and Restoration


Keytops replaced and keys refurbished

Restrung with the highest quality steel wire

Custom-made Bass strings

New factory hammers

New tuning pins

Rebuilt Action

Re-felted dampers

Example Restoration