Regulation and Voicing

What is regulation and how do I know if my piano needs it?

Your piano is made up of over 9,000 parts which need to be serviced and adjusted from time to time. If your piano has an uneven touch, a limited dynamic range, or sticking keys it is time to have your piano regulated.

The regulation process goes through all these different parts and makes sure they are perfectly aligned, and that the timing of all the moving parts happens at exactly the right time.

When the action is properly regulated, your piano should have an even touch across the whole keyboard, controllable over its full dynamic range, and be smooth, consistent, and sensitive across the whole keyboard.

Remember, no amount of practicing can compensate for a poorly maintained action.

How long does it take to regulate the piano? What is the cost?

This question really depends on what kind of piano you have, and how long it has been since it was last regulated. If your piano just needs a touch-up, this can take around 2 hours of so, and is a flat rate of $200 However, if your piano needs a full regulation, this can usually take 4-8 hours depending on how many adjustments need to be made. For complete regulations, I charge a flat rate of $650

Why does my piano need to be regulated? How often?

The piano action is a complicated machine of thousands of parts. Over time the temperature and humidity fluctuations, wear-and-tear, as well as the use of the piano will cause the regulation to suffer.

Under normal circumstances, your piano should be fully regulated once every decade or so.

What is Tone Regulation or Voicing?

Every piano has its own unique tone. Some pianos sound warm and mellow, while others sound bright and robust. By voicing the hammers on your piano, we can eliminate groves that have worn into the hammer, soften or harden the felt, and change the tone quality.

Older and well-used pianos often develop deep grooves in their hammers, which create a brighter and harsher tone. Other pianos hammers can decay and become soft, creating a hollow and mellow tone.

Voicing, also known as tone regulation, is the process of adjusting your piano's hammers to optimize their tone. The process involves shaping the hammers, aligning them with the strings, and hardening or softening the felt. The end result is a piano that has rediscovered its voice!

I see grooving on the piano hammers. Do they need to be replaced?

As the piano is used, the hammers will develop grooving that effects the piano's tone. Additionally, the hammer felt will compact, distort the hammer shape, and alter the tone. In many cases the hammers can be saved by filling them down, reshaping them, and voicing them. This is a cost-effective alternative to complete replacement for most instruments.

If the hammers need to be replaced (either because the hammers have already been filed in the past, or because of the artistic demands on the instrument), that process usually takes about 4-6 weeks.

How can I get in touch?

You can send me a message though the website here, or you can also email me or text me as well! Email: Cell: (818) 268-3232



"Hearing the technician play several pieces after the tuning was the cherry on top. Thank you, I couldn't hold back the tears."

-Julia G.


Reconditioning and Restoration

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Does my piano need to be restrung?

Do your piano's bass strings sound wimpy and dull? Do the treble strings sound thin, harsh, and worn? If so, its likely time to have the strings replaced on your piano.

How long does restringing take? What is the cost?

The first step in the process is sending your piano's factory bass strings off to the manufacturer for duplication. These strings are all custom made, and usually take 2-6 weeks to be produced and shipped.

However, if your piano is from a common brand (Steinway, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, etc.) the manufacturer can make the string set based off the factory specifications. (If this is the case, then I won't have to remove the existing bass strings until the restringing process)

The restringing process itself usually takes 3-4 days, and after the new strings are on the piano is tuned weekly for 2 weeks.

The total time from the start of the project to the finished product is usually 4-6 weeks and is all done in home without needing to move the piano.

The cost will vary from piano to piano depending on how much additional work you wish to have done, and how many custom strings need to be ordered, but the price is usually around $2,500.

Since there're so many options when it comes to restringing and restoration, please contact me and I can provide you with options to fit your unique requirments and budget! My email is and my cell is (818) 268-3232

What all is done during the restringing process?

In addition to replacing all tuning pins and strings on your piano, the restringing process provides the perfect opportunity to also do repair and restoration work to the soundboard and bridges of the piano. In a typical restringing, I also clean the soundboard and make any necessary repairs, repair any cracks that have formed on the bridges, restore the damper felt, and of course replace all strings and tuning pins. During the restringing, many of my clients also have the action work such as regulation, hammer voicing or replacement, or even rebuilding and restoring the action at the same time.


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