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"Hearing the technician play several pieces after the tuning was the cherry on top. Thank you, I couldn't hold back the tears."

-Julia G.

Complete Service Packages

My Complete Service Packages


These Packages are my signature appointment type. Most tuning appointments take around an hour, but the Complete Services Packages are scheduled for 2.5-6 hours depending on which package you decide is best for your piano.


These all-around appointments allow me to fully service your piano so it can play and sound its best. They include:

  • Pitch raising your piano up to concert pitch of A=440 Hz.

  • Concert-grade fine-tuning of your piano. 

  • Voicing of the hammers to optimize your piano's tone.

  • Repairs so that your piano functions properly.

  • Regulation of the piano's action so it is consistent, controllable, and even from one note to the next. 

  • Leveling and spacing the piano keys.

  • Adjusting the aftertouch so every note is easy to control. 

  • Regulating the pedals of your piano. 

  • Cleaning the piano's soundboard, case parts, action, and keys. 

Basic Service Package
Standard Service Package
Elite Service Package

Standard Tuning Appointments

Piano Tuning Appointments


If your piano has been maintained and a Complete Service Package is more than you need, I also provide traditional Standard Tuning appointments. 

These appointments usually last about 1.5 - 2 hours, but are still more inclusive than most other tuners in the area and include:

  • Concert-grade fine-tuning of the piano

  • Minor action adjustments

  • Small repairs

  • Cleaning of the piano

  • Additional tuning passes to bring your piano to concert pitch if your piano is significantly out of tune (additional pitch-adjustment fee may apply)


Standard Tuning Appointment
Standard Tuning with Pitch Adjustment

My piano tuning process

My tuning process is much more extensive than most other piano tuners in the area. The piano tuning appointments start with an evaluation of your piano's condition. I'll be checking for sticking keys, how smooth the action is, and how out of tune the piano is, as well as dusting the action and case. 


If required, I then raise the piano up to concert pitch with a pitch adjustment. That allows the piano to then be fine-tuned. I do the fine-tuning by ear, with an electronic tuner to check my work. As I'm tuning, I'll also make minor regulation adjustments as I come across issues.  


After the tuning, I go ahead and clean up the keys and the rest of the piano. After that, you'll have a clean, beautiful piano! 

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